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Youth-Focused Cross Pollination Challenges

You might not immediately see how copying techniques used by a RACING PIT CREW could help a hospital improve its patient “hand-off” process...or how copying the marching behavior of ANTS could help a major airline develop a more efficient boarding process...but innovation often results from this type of "Cross Pollination" where solutions and ideas are created by COPYING approaches and techniques from outside (and unexpected) industries or areas.

The problem is, no one is teaching this powerful innovation process to the younger generation...until now!

The CopyCat Project is a special initiative consisting of fun and interesting “challenges” designed to introduce the NEXT GENERATION of innovators to the power of Cross Pollination and “train their brains” to think differently when the time comes to solve BIG problems and create BIG ideas.

If you’d like to learn how your school, brand, company or organization can get involved and support the project, please contact John Palumbo at