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production process


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  • We’ll meet with you to discuss your business goals an objectives. From there we’ll come back to you with private podcast show concepts including show names, host recommendations, episode ideas/topics, guest recommendations and a detailed budget proposal for the recommended number of episodes.

  • We’ll identify and enlist the guests (who we call “BigHeads”) and handle all the necessary details and logistics (i.e., scheduling, equipment needs, developing interview questions, etc.).

  • We’ll enlist the perfect host for your show from our network of experienced talent. In some cases, we’ll also recommend a leader from your company co-host the podcast to bring more relevance to the discussions.

  • The podcasts are produced at our studio in Hoboken, NJ which is equipped with top-of-line recording equipment designed to accommodate call-in (most common) or in-studio guests.

  • The shows are professionally edited and posted on our secure online platform and released exclusively to approved employees, teams or select audiences.




Not surprisingly, enlisting the right “guests” for your show is CRUCIAL, since they will provide the knowledge, insight, information and energy your employees will expect. Simply put, they’re the experts, which is why we call them (and our company) BIGHEADS.

The good news is - you can leave the, often intimidating, task of “getting guests” completely up to us!

Once the idea for your podcast show is created and approved, we will choose the perfect guests from our expert network. Of course, we may not always enlist outside guests. There may be shows/episodes where it makes more sense for us to have discussions with company leaders and/or select employees.




Each podcast show is hosted on our secure platform that only pre-approved listeners can access. The platform itself includes a number of user-friendly features and options designed to provide a seamless listener experience and ensure the podcasts drive engagement among your selected audience. For example:

  • A comments section gives your listeners the ability to share their thoughts, insights and ideas about the episode. It basically turns the podcast into a virtual brainstorm session and is also a great way to provide employees with the recognition and visibility they crave.

  • Across platform accessibility (desktop, mobile, tablet) so listeners can access the podcasts on-the-go at their convenience.

  • Tracking and user insights.



Since many of the podcasts we create feature “evergreen” topics that employees and teams can revisit again-and-again, we can organize/catalog the podcasts into libraries and host them on our platform so all the knowledge sharing, insights and inspiration are always accessible. We can even catalog and host other evergreen content (beyond our podcasts) that you may want to “live on” within your organization.